What We Do

Power As A Group


The MOQBuy system and services solves the problem of how a small business can compete with a much larger business by increasing their buying power!! A small business is defined as a company with less than 500 employees. MOQBuy allows a group of small businesses to make a combined purchase as a single large order, with no need for direct communication or coordination among the businesses!

With MOQBuy, they are able to order in large enough quantities to meet the minimum order quantities (MOQs) required to get very aggressive price discounts from distributors or from buying direct from manufacturers. Thus, the small business owner can increase their margins and compete directly with the national chains, big box stores and large online retailers!

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How We Started

There Had To Be A Better Way

The founders, one an owner of an enterprise software business and the other a multi-store retail shop owner, both seasoned entrepreneurs, were casually talking over lunch. The retail shop owner, who happened to be a major player in a buying group for his industry, described the many logistics and manpower challenges they faced in making their group buying process work. Two hours later, they had laid out the initial design for a software solution that would greatly simplify the overall process. More importantly, it would allow the group to grow the program offering more products more often! Thus, increasing the value of group buying while reducing the effort it took to make the process work.

MOQBuy was born and immediately began working closely with one of the major buying groups in the party supply store industry.

“MOQBuy changes the game … order individually but buy as one!”

The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On


The MOQBuy team is lead by two seasoned entrepreneurs who felt that there had to be a better way to let businesses compete against the big boys. Darryl Rouse and Amal Soni each bring unique experiences from the worlds of technology and retailing respectively. The rest of the team works hard to dot every i and cross every t with a sincere eye toward customer service. A truly dedicated team determined to make business happen!